Welcome to Dance Creations, a space where your child will be nurtured, encouraged and inspired, through our unique and holistic way of teaching ballet and contemporary dance classes.

    We teach much more than just movement. We aspire to create an experience for your child where they feel supported, accepted and able to grow in confidence, so they can embody the art of love in motion …  

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Classical Ballet

Dance Creations, offers a series of ballet classes designed to inspire your child’s unique creative expression, supporting self-confidence and growth through dance, music, mime & song (for the younger children aged 2.5yrs – 5yrs), who then go on to graduate to the more formal learning about the technique and art of classical ballet (for children aged 6 to 19years).


* Fairy Floss Ballet (for children aged 2.5 to 5 yo) …

where your child will get to explore movement, through the magic of play

* Fairy Tale Ballet (for children aged 5 to 6yo) …

where your child will learn basic ballet steps, infused with fairy tale wonder

* Ballet Essence (for children aged 6 to 11yo) …

is a holistic & creative program, laying foundations for formal ballet training

* Ballet Coda (for children and youth aged 11 to 19yo) …

provides classical ballet training, balancing technique & artistry


Dance Creations also offers Contemporary classes, where your child will enjoy exploring the natural movement patterns of the body and its relation to breath, musicality and space.

Their coordination will be challenged whilst they’ll also be creating fun phrases or tasks that will incorporate changes of direction, floor patterns or moving their arms and legs in different ways, at the same time.

The Laban movement principles, various release-based principles, creative dance techniques as well as Limón dance principles are often present within these classes.


Caty Handley-Smith


My kids love attending Miss Terrie's ballet classes, my youngest so much so, that he now attends twice a week. Miss Terrie has such a wonderful rapport with her students. She is patient, kind and very caring! I highly recommend Dance Creations. - Lisa
Kate Oxford & Bruce Sherman
"My two daughters have been dancing with Miss Terrie at Dance Creations for almost three (3) years. The joy it brings me to watch them is surpassed only by the joy they experience learning, imagining, pretending and dancing throughout their lessons. They have developed confidence and poise, at Miss Terrie’s nurturing hands and continue to master various physical and mental skills (such as listening). The variety and creativity weaved into the annual dance programs, ensure that we always look forward to our lessons and concerts. I hope that my son wants to dance with Miss Terrie when he’s old enough". Kate Oxford & Bruce Sherman  
"Sofia is in her third year of dancing with Dance Creations and absolutely loves it. The teachers are so kind, nurturing and supportive.  I have watched a very shy, unsure little girl blossom into a happy, exuberant kid who can not wait for her dance class each week. She participated in her first concert last year, and the magical experience has left her very excited for the concert at the end of this year. Younger sister Adele has now started dancing with Miss Terrie, and can not choose a favourite between being a lady bird, sea horse, mermaid or giraffe. Dance Creations focus on so much more than just the dance, and the girls love their class each week, love their teachers and are enriched by the whole experience".  

Creative Director

Terrie W 2 copy

Terrie Wayside

TEACH:  Cassical Ballet

There have been a few key points in my teaching journey that have completely changed my life and my approach to teaching, and the following is one of those moments.

I had spent many years gaining the experience, knowledge and qualifications to teach, and then a 3 year old so quickly let’s me know that kindness, and a nurturing environment are essential … such a big ‘aha’ moment for me that shaped my unique way of teaching.

Ballet programs for children aged 2.5 to 18 years old
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Fairy Floss Ballet video

Fairy Floss Ballet video

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Ballet Essence

Ballet Essence

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