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My daughter started dance classes with Terrie when she was 2 1/2 years old. From the first class, she could barely contain her delight at the fun format, creative props and inspiring music which Terrie used to keep the young children totally entranced. Six years later, my daughter is still thriving in Terrie’s classes. Now in the Stage 3 Ballet Essence program, the class has many more formal elements, and my daughter enjoys learning the correct names, the technical positions and how to move with grace. We have noticed real improvements in her posture and in her understanding of music as a result of her ballet training. Amidst the formalities however, Terrie manages to nurture within each child their innate joy of dance and creativity of spirit.

Another highlight of Dance Creations is the end of year concert. It is a fantastic experience for all the children and once again balances the professionalism of a stage production with a real sense of inclusivity, joy and celebration. As a result of my daughter’s experiences in the concert, her confidence has grown, she readily performs in school activities, and her overall maturity has increased.

I would recommend Dance Creations to any parent who would like to see their child’s interest in dance nurtured and extended in a caring and professional environment.

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