"Thank you Terrie for giving my son a chance to show that boys are important too! My son has grown in creativity & confidence in dancing & performing on stage. He has made some fantastic friends through his ballet journey with Dance Creations! I truly recommend anyone to join!! Thank you Terrie!!!" Tash
"Our daughter has been a part of Dance Creations for the last 5 years and we are very grateful to Miss Terrie for fostering the love for ballet in our daughter. We have seen Garcelle grow in confidence and gracefulness. Miss Terrie is a very kind teacher who knows how to involve children in this sophisticated art through hard work, interwoven with practice through play, a great teacher-student rapport and an on - going belief that each and every child can shine and reach the stars. Thank you Miss Terrie!" Sunchi
"Thank you Miss Terrie for another wonderful end of year concert . Hard to believe it is our 4th one. It's such a joy to see how much our little ballerinas have grown from year to year. The smile on Hope's face was from ear to ear. Thank you for helping her be such a confident performer xo "- Natasha
"I had the pleasure of being taught dance by Terrie for almost 10 years. I came to her as a 5 year old  with an interest in dance, and although I sadly left her at 15, it was with a strong desire and passion to continue dancing. Terrie has this innate ability to nurture, encourage, inspire and thus, continue to instil a love of all types of dance in not only myself, but many of her students. I can proudly say she has played a largely influential role in my chosen career path, not only to dance for a living, but to teach.  Today as a graduate teacher myself, I am truly able to appreciate the rare qualities that Terrie possesses as a teacher." Ashleigh Manning (former student)  
"Hi Terrie, I just wanted to say how much Chloe enjoys her Friday ballet class with Miss Angela.  She is a truly amazing teacher and incredible with the little girls.  I'm in awe of how she keeps them all in check while having fun!  The class is absolutely gorgeous and I'm thrilled that Chloe enjoys it so much. Thanks for running such a great dance company." Renee
"Terrie is extremely nurturing to each individual's ability and gives them great support and encouragement! She is a wonderful teacher with a very kind heart. My girls have grown personally from being in her classes! Highly recommend Dance Creations to anyone! PS. The end of year concert was truly beautiful, a wonderful way to see what the children had been learning, and we didn't have to make costumes! Thanks to Terrie for organising them all." Jane